How can you resolve breakouts without drying out your skin?

If you have acne prone skin you must be privy that the treatments, creams, oils, gels etc are very drying. They tend to flatten the bumps and reduce the redness but leave you with dry patchy skin. Look for products that have little to zero dosage of alcohol and salicylic acid. Moreover, stick to exfoliating just once a week as overdoing it strips the skin of its natural moisture. Biotique Bio Chlorophyll Oil-Free Anti-Acne Gel is a refreshing, anti-bacterial moisturizer blended with Chlorophyll and extracts of Seaweed, Sea Algae, Aloe Vera and Gum Arabic to tighten pores, avert blemishes, and keep skin nourished and clear without flaking. This is basically a light green colored oil-free gel. Its consistency is non-sticky and light. It reminds me of aloe vera gels. The gel gets absorbed into the skin in just a few seconds. It gives a nice cooling sensation (not tingly cool feel) to the skin as it seeps into the skin. This gel is, no doubt, an effective product. I have applied it to brow and upper lip threading. It really soothes the irritation to a large extent. My upper lip is very sensitive. I generally get reddened skin there for a whole day but with this gel, the redness heals faster. The same thing happens with my eyebrows where I have dense hair. This gel has abilities to cool down the skin immediately. It does not give tingling sensations which is a good thing because the irritated skin experiences more pain when it tingles. This gel can also be used as a moisturizer in the acne-prone oily skin. I have pretty pimple-prone skin. I have tried this gel on my cheeks where I get a maximum number of pimples. The gel gets absorbed quickly and gives oil-free skin for at least 4 hours. It helps in preventing new pimples from appearing. It does not give bumpiness of clogged pores as well.