How come Kangana is not having an issue with nepotism all of a sudden?

Kangana is always in the news for some controversy or the other. People have started to get bored of this attitude now. In one of her recent interview, the actress has revealed that she she doesn't has an issue with nepotism. How come all of a sudden after so many years of back and forth arguments with media, public and the film industry Kangana is changing her words?

Let me explain what she meant by this. In one of the recent promotional interviews for her new show 'Lock Upp' which is an Ekta Kapoor show, the actress spoke on this topic again. Kangana said, "Nepotism was never my problem. The problem was ganging up on outsiders because of nepotism. There is a difference. If you are doing your job quietly, no problem. But to say 'ye outsider hain, ye yaha nahi hone chahiye because ye humare baap dada ki jagah hai (these are outsiders and shouldn't be here because this is our forefathers' place), isn't it wrong? Ekta has never been a part of a bully gang, that I can assure you."

The clip from this interview has been surfacing all over Instagram.

What are your thoughts on this?