How Corona bought my family closer!

So well here it goes, i was basically living my life usual day routine and stuff.. I barely went to college but did used to get down every evening to meet my best friend and not meeting was never a option until the lockdown hit us. On the 16th of March 2020 i woke up as usual thinking of the usual daily routine and same as always in the evening i went down met my friend and we decided to go grab a bite and to our surprise all the shops had closed seatings. We ate Something from the streets and went home and that when the news hit us that covid had spread in India very rapidly and we will go into a lockdown from the 21st of march, all of us got panicked just like a usual Indian family yeh kaise hoga vho kaise hoga , and all the kids in the house were asked not to step down and trust me we live in a joint family with three pets and it seemed easy in the beginning but as soon as the lockdown was extended it grew on us. And it had already been over a month we got used to it and we got news of a close family member passing away due to covid and thats when we realised how lucky were we that we are all safe and sound. And i called my best friend and told him how i wish i could meet him and how lucky was I to know he was safe. We lived the most of it we played games had fights but most importantly we grew so close. The lockdown has taught me so many things but one that will always stay with me is that the time we spend with our family is the most precious of treasures, that nobody controls tomorrow.