How did Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor's marriage date become the most searched topic on the internet?

Celebrity weddings draw a lot of attention. And Ranbir and Alia's wedding was no exception. Netizens were waiting for another show of extravaganza from this Bollywood couple. But it turned out to be an exception as the couple bid adieu to the 'Big Fat Indian (celeb) Wedding.' Here's why Ranbir and Alia's wedding turned out to be the best of Bollywood weddings.

  1. They kept it intimate and only invited their closest friends and relatives for Mehendi and the wedding. Aren't wedding ceremonies supposed to be like this?  
  2. Despite the fact, that Alia is one of the highest-paid Bollywood actresses today and Ranbir comes from a rich legacy, the couple could have picked any place for an extravagant wedding. Instead, the couple decided to keep it minimal. They tied their knots at Ranbir's apartment in Bandra, a place where their love blossomed.  
  3. Another exception to their wedding was that the newlyweds didn't take 7 pheras, they only took 4. Well, it may sound unfamiliar to many, but in reality, it holds great significance in the Indian marriage custom.  
  4. Pictures speak volumes. The pictures posted by Alia clearly revealed the love and laughter in the ceremony. The ceremony was minimal, but it clearly had all the love, laughter, and light that is an integral part of any wedding.  

There were also a lot of guesses about her marriage date and the number 8, however, the couple chose their own date to get married, maybe because it was special for them. It was

mindblowing to see the audience coming up with their own logic behind their marriage. I guess it was all because everyone was so excited for the cutest couple in Bollywood to finally get married after dating rumours.