How did Anupam Kher get his first movie?

It's actually very interesting how exactly he got his movie! He got it because he was bald! He spoke to Times of India lately about how Bollywood has changed from the past to now and how the upcoming lot of stars is more educated. Anupam explained: “Look, we all like romanticizing about the past. That is why we sing old songs in antakshari. We always say that ‘this is not how things were in the past’. The fact is, earlier, actors would rule the screen for 50 years. Now, every actor is worried and tensed and wants to be known for the last film they do.”

Anupam continued: “There were certain things that were easier back in the days, but today’s generation has a lot more education and knowledge. They are disciplined, professional, and talk to you as equals. They do not give you this false sense that they respect you. All my younger actors, Aditya Roy Kapur, Varun Dhawan, and others, are not supposed to call me uncle. I do not sit on this pedestal and think they’ll come and fall to my feet. I feel that I am younger than them and I can give them a run for their money. Today, if you are skilled at what you do, then you will get a good opportunity. I tell my students, that if you look different, you have more chances of getting a role in a small budget, OTT project, or even a big-budget film. The fact that they are different, they will stand out. Remember that one of the reasons I got my first film Saaransh is because I was bald.”