How did the makers of The Empire risk making the show after Karan Johar's Takht was shelved for the same reason?

The Mughal era is a delicate subject, and making a show or film about it in the contemporary political climate is a major undertaking. Soon after the series' teaser appeared on the internet, fans began objecting to it, accusing the creators of glorifying the Islamic invader Babur.

Takht, a film by Karan Johar, was shelved due to the current political climate in the country, which is not conducive to a film set in Mughal history. In India, there is currently a sensitive political climate, with some factions attempting to disrupt religious peace. As a result, any slight error or even a minor misstep will have a significant influence on the project. We've seen how films based on Mughal history have sparked controversy in the past. And now The empire is on target.

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