How did Singer KK died? Cause of Death, Medical Problems, and Last Performance

K.K. was well-known for songs such as Aakhon Me Teri, Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai, Tadap Tadap, and others. After receiving the news, Kolkata's minister, Arrop Biswas, rushes to the hospital and tells the media that the singer's wife and kid will be arriving in Kolkata today. He also stated that he will assist the singer's family in any way he can. His followers are lining up outside the hospital to see him one final time, and all of the singers with whom he had a good relationship are also making their way there. The music industry has been devastated by the singer's demise.

Death Cause

In his last performance, the singer was flawless; he performed for his followers. During the performance, the singer felt a little dizzy, but he dismissed it as normal. Following the concert, the singer began to feel unwell, and they returned to their hotel in Esplanade, where he expressed his dissatisfaction. The available medical professionals attempted to recover him but were unsuccessful, so they rushed him to the Calcutta Medical Research Institute and Hospital about 10.30 p.m., where the doctor proclaimed the singer dead before they arrived. The cause of death has been identified as cardiac arrest, and the postmortem report has yet to be disclosed.

Was there something wrong with KK's health?

There is no information on the singer's health problems, but given the singer's death from sudden cardiac arrest, we can speculate that the artist may be suffering from ailments that cause rapid cardiac arrest. There could be another reason for the cardiac arrest, which will be revealed after the postmortem results are presented.