How Did Tapsee Pannu Prove Acting Prowess Is More Important Than Glamour?

I think it's because of her doing movies like Pink and Naam Shabana initially during her career proved her acting worth. Usually actors do the opposite. They start with more commercial movies and then go on to different genres that shows their versatility. Tapsee Pannu chose movies that weren't showing her as typical a typical Bollywood actress full of glamour. And that actually resulted in a series of great performances by her. Not only this, we have seen her speak up against what is wrong, take stand against the trolls and behave like a girl next door even during her interviews that says a lot about her real self. She's changing people's veiws about Bollywood, that it is not required to be glamorous and politically correct all the time to become a leading actor. She proved what's more important is being a part of remarkable movies and setting benchmarks with good acting skills.