How do the flop Bollywood actors make so much money to live a lavish lifestyle?

One of the first things people in the entertainment industry are informed and learn is that the market is incredibly fickle, and there is no way of knowing when you will slip off the map. This is especially true for those with familial ties to the industry. As a result, most celebrities begin to invest in a variety of different industries and businesses in order to supplement their performing income.


In truth, not only flop performers, but even the biggest stars make the majority of their money from other sources. Shah Rukh Khan's 600 million dollar fortune was not accumulated solely via playing performances. In truth, acting money only accounts for a minor portion of his total income. He makes money via investing in enterprises, brand deals, real estate, and other similar ventures.


Take, for example, any Bollywood actor. It doesn't matter if it's a flop or a hit. Deepika Padukone is a well-known actress who commands a 20-crore fee for a single film. However, even 20 crores is a pittance in comparison to the 200 crores she gets in a year from her other businesses. Priyanka Chopra is unconcerned about her 15 crore charge because she gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for each Instagram post and millions from endorsement deals with firms like Bumble. Katrina's film pays pale in comparison to her lucrative makeup line.


Anushka Sharma earns a lot of money merely by producing films and putting her name behind other ventures. She could stop acting right now and her financial statement would not be affected. Actors that fail do essentially the same thing as their more successful counterparts.


All in all, flop Bollywood actors live wealthy lifestyles and earn a lot of money because they’re flop actors second and successful business first.