‘How Elemental Spiritual Practices help reduce stress explained by Urban Yogi, Shivali Bhammer'

The pandemic has lead us all in a state of constant stress and anxiety, the paranoia keeps increasing day by day as we go through the second wave of Covid - 19. But thinking about what could happen or what is happening is only going to make matters worse , so here are a few steps to minimise the effects by reducing our stress and anxiety and cleaning our aura.


Under the state of stress we keep replaying negative thoughts in our minds,we do experience it from inside. To reduce this one needs to start restructuring of thoughts.Meditation plays the key role here, reduce unnecessary stress exposure to noise and information. Be calm and think about things that could do in the right way , distinguish between the negative and choose the positive.


Start to accept that things cannot always go according to our plan . We do not control everything. Letting go of negative thoughts and feelings. There are going to be events that will come unannounced and tell yourself that yes i can go through this, i can survive it.


Keep a healthy lifestyle , follow a routine. Eat good, cook, keep yourself busy. Design your day.