How have fashion and trends changed over time in K-pop?

K-pop has had a long history from Seo Taiji and the boys to BTS. Today we’ll take a trip down memory lane on some outfits and trends of our favorite entertainers.

1) Seo Taiji And The Boys

This boy band is probably the reason K-pop even exists in this day and age. Seo Taiji incorporated western music with the Korean culture with a hint of teenage rebelliousness. This band introduced the concept of stylists to the general Korean public. Hip-Hop heavily influenced their style.

2) Girls Generation

Girls Generation, better known as SNSD in Korea, where their viral hit triggered the nation’s girl group and their rise in popularity ‘Gee’. The dyed pants were the rage in the entire nation. Some idols have even confessed that they troubled their parents to get them the colored ‘Gee’ Jeans!

3) BTS

The biggest boy band in the world made waves with their Grammy-nominated single ‘Dynamite’. This song skyrocketed the retro trend all over the world. Multiple K-Pop groups came out with similar concepts after this comeback, and the trend doesn’t see any sight of stopping.