How is it that Kota Factory fails to depict the real-life situation in Kota?

To be honest, you won't find a teacher like Jeetu Bhaiyya in Kota or at any of the country's coaching institutes. Nobody has time to fix all of your concerns, especially in a city like Kota, where competition is severe and everyone is in a rat race - students in a race to the IITs, faculty in a race to finish the syllabus, and institutes in a race to buy toppers before other institutes approach them.


Your cheating will not be tolerated by your teacher. Even though he cheated to get the answers correct, Jeetu Bhaiyya was thrilled with Vaibhav's desire for learning and advanced him from A10 to A5. In fact, if you cheat, no one will appreciate it. It's possible that you'll be summoned to the main office and issued a warning.


A1 batch at one institute and then cracks the Maheswari Classes entrance exam, which is considered to be the best coaching institute in Kota, must be a very dedicated student. Vaibhav is portrayed in the web series as a guy with a lot of potential for cracking the IITs, but he also appears to have a lot of spare time. He has plenty of time to go to cafés with his fiancée, hang out with pals, and ride his friend's bike around the city. All of them are considered time waste by serious IIT hopefuls, and they avoid them at all costs. Having a lot of free time to relax while still passing tests is depicted incorrectly, and it creates the wrong expectations for future hopefuls.


All of these things have been done to add dramatic effects and make it more appealing to the audience, and that is completely acceptable. It will not appeal to the viewers if you show a series in which a man is serious, rarely leaves his room, and studies all day and night. As a result, one must recognise the distinction between actual life and the fictional world. Those looking for a place in one of the top IITs and wanting to visit Kota should not expect life to be like that. The mess food is on point, but the others are not.