How Kabir Singh Turned Into Shahid Kapoor's Most Accomplished Work So Far

Shahid Kapoor recently went live on Instagram to interact with fans on the second anniversary of his biggest commercial success, Kabir Singh. During the live session, Shahid spoke about how the audience turned his “most flawed and broken” character into his most accomplished work so far.

Kabir Singh was a blockbuster, not only due to Shahid’s performance but also because of its chartbuster music. “It’s been my most loved film and one of the most important films of my life, if not the most important. I want to thank my fans for making my most flawed and broken character my most successful character ever,” the actor said. Replying to a fan’s question on how difficult it was to transform into the character, Shahid Kapoor said that adapting to Kabir Singh’s mentality was far more difficult than physical adaptation. “I had a hard time while shooting Kabir Singh because I had to play an alcoholic and somebody who is into substance abuse. I had to smoke beedis and I was a father coming back to my kids. It was challenging as there were different looks and headspaces to Kabir Singh. We tend to give importance to physical changes in actors. That’s an easy part to do. The difficult part is to get into the character’s heart and soul and try to understand why they are doing something. To get into the head of a guy who is erratic, aggressive, violent and emotional was challenging,” Shahid said.