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How Long Will Bollywood Keep Making Movies Suiting The Narratives Of Its Audience?

Let us make things clear, movies and series are made to serve the purpose of entertainment and entertainment alone, so when we have disclaimers put up on the shows saying, "All characters and events depicted in this film are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”, it's clear that it’s meant for fun and the public shouldn't let it affect them emotionally by anything that is being depicted in it. But it seems like these days the sentiments of a certain section of the society have turned so delicate that they would start a riot for the most smallest of things wether it’s a political or a religious issue, and threaten to boycott the films speaking on such agendas altogether.

Presently a lot of new movies and series have been facing such problems while their launching and press days, when people and the media often keep pointing out stuff from the movie that might not suit the way they think and believe. Have we as an audience become too fragile and critical towards our industry, who is only trying to serve our purpose of entertainment ? How long will Bollywood keep defending these narratives?


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