How much different is love in real life from love in Bollywood movies?

No way I am generalizing the Bollywood romantic movies but I am just relating the common plot of "most" of them. If someone has lived in India or has been in any way associated with this great nation, they must be well acquainted with "Bollywood" We are emotionally and obsessively bonded to our colourful cinema. It isn't shocking to see people actually believing in the stories that are portrayed on the 70mm screen, indeed!

Quite often I wonder about the way "love" and "romance" are portrayed in Indian films. The crux of every movie lies in: Two people coming together..falling in love..their parents objecting..their mission to impress the parents and Bam! the elders get convinced and before you know it, the movie has offered you a 'Happy Ending'! Being an ardent movie fan, I dream of this life too!

Which Bollywood movie do you relate to?