How much product to apply?

Ever wondered how much time product you must apply on skin

When it comes to how much product you should be applying, size actually does matter. For example, too much of one product could cause breakouts or blocked pores, and of course, wasting products by overusing.

Using too little of a product will not benefit you fully from any active ingredients. And in case of using less sunscreen than required , it will not protect you from UV rays and sun damage, which may end up causing long-term damage.

Serums, creams, lotions and gels tend to absorb better using a patting technique.

Also, remember that applying more product does not mean it will work better or that result will be achieved quicker.

For Cleanser- one pump or size of hazelnut is good enough.

For Toner- soak you cotton pad or cotton ball in the toner and gently swipe it around your face.

For Serum- use 2-4 drops of serum and spread it across your face.

For Moisturizer- use size of a five rupee coin for a full face and neck application

For night cream- size of a grain of rice

Facial oil- just 2-3 drops are enough

Sunscreen- use 3 finger rule or half teaspoon for face and neck.