How NH-10 proved out to be the most supremely directed film!

NH-10 is not just special for Anushka Sharma but all those Bollywood fans who were eagerly were waiting for a change in the industry with the kind of mainstream movies in the cinema industry.

Amazed at the change Bollywood is going through. After almost a decade long stint of ultra-idiotic movies galore, Bollywood is coming to sense! Or rather, the new movie-makers are trying to defy the convention. Whatever the reason, this change is sweet.

NH10 is not only a story of a journey gone wrong, but a very realistic portrayal of social evils which happen in the Indian society and where the check is not governed by law, as the people of law also come from the same ranks. T

The more amazing part was how the movie showed that not only men, but women too are responsible for those regressive social evils, and how the women dictate that mindset to the younger generation.