How To Protect Your Hair From Humidity

Humidity affects the pores on the cortex of the hair, no moisturizer and no more nutrient make them unmanageable. Because of lack of nutrients, moisturize and lubrication the hair becomes frizzy and dry. 


Here is how to avoid these problems:

Use Cold Water  

Using cold water to wash your hair keeps them moisturized and prevents them from becoming dry and frizzy. There are no split ends and breakages in your hair.


Deep conditioning

To keep your hair moisturize use a hair serum at regular intervals. Use a shea butter with essential oils such as rosemary, lemongrass, thyme oil, and tea tree are beneficial for hair health.  


Wear Hair Up

Make sure that you tie your hair. Because when everything fails it helps to defeat your hairstyle and also keep it away from your face.