How to repair damaged skin barrier Part 2

4) Moisturize your skin- The most essential step in your skincare routine, especially during this time point. Putting back just hydration won’t do as much as it will quickly evaporate through the damaged skin moisture barrier. Therefore, it is essential to seal it with your moisturiser; Ingredients such as Ceramide, Niacinamide, Panthenol and Fatty Acids are the best to keep your skin barrier happy and healthy.

5) Don’t test out new skincare products- this is just not the time to do this! Just not! When your skin barrier is damaged, it’s not at all a good idea to try new products since your skin is prone to irritation and may react to the new product. Ingredients have a greater chance of irritating your skin and exacerbates the inflammation; therefore, avoid trying out new products during this period.

6) Keep your skincare routine simple- This reduces the chance of irritation on your already irritated skin. The steps to maintaining a healthy skin barrier when it is damages are: Cleanse, Moisturise, and Protect. Use a gentle cleanser, follow it with a good moisturizer and then a sunscreen. These three steps are the essential steps while your barrier is recovering.