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How Salman Khan And Shah Rukh Khan Resolved Their Issue?

Apparently, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were engaged in a cold war for years. This started after their film Karan Arjun. Some say that Salman wasn't happy that Shah Rukh received more appreciation for the film. Later, this war widened and their rivalry seemed to be never-ending. However, it was their hug in 2013's Iftar Party which changed the direction of these reports. After that, they are seen supporting one another occasionally. The two has stated that small arguments keep on happening in the industry but in the end it is like a family. They might have understood the increasing fan following of other young stars and decided to resolve the issue as their unity can benefit them as well as the industry.

They have done cameos in each other's films recently and their revived brotherhood is fun to watch. In this making of Issaqbaazi song from SRK's film Zero, we can see the two Khans having fun on the set. Watch the video here:


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