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How Shah Rukh Khan makes sure that 'equality' begins at home!

Shah Rukh Khan's Femina interview from 2017 is making a buzz in town for something interesting King Khan had mentioned in it. When asked about the life lessons he gives to his boys, Aryan and AbRam, he said, "Aryan will be studying filmmaking for the next four years, and my younger one, AbRam, is only three years old. But I’m bringing up my sons to treat all as equals; as boys, they will have no extra privileges over girls. Sometimes I’m a bit conservative. I believe that a man in his house doesn’t have the right to go shirtless in front of his mother, sister or women friends. I tell Aryan to put on a T-shirt all the time." He added that if one would be uncomfortable if women walk around shirtless then the same applies to men. It's got nothing to do with having breasts or not. One should not do something a girl can't do. Now you would proudly call him a feminist as he supports and promotes gender equality but he disagrees to be being called one. As, if feminism means aiming to be equal to men, we are aiming too low according to him. This also makes me think about how much he observes his surrounding and acts on it to make positive changes. We have seen shirtless men roaming around in films for no specific reason at all. Some believe it signifies of them being the macho man or indicating their superiority over other beings. We have normalised this culture, haven't we? Khan is amongst those actors who have been shirtless onscreen the least number of times. Once he had to dance shirtless on Dard-E-Disco due to Farah Khan's special request and then we saw his abs in Happy New Year when his shirt caught fire during the song Manwa Lage. Now it's on if you let him go away for these two times or not. I would like to request him to highlight more such lessons on equality in his films so that just like his sons, his fans would get a clarity on what's okay and what's not.

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