How Shahid couldn't find his true love in Kareena!

You may know the love story of Shahid and Kareena. However you might know what went wrong between them that led them to break up. When they broke up, it became a kind of scandal then. They were talked about the most by people from all walks of life. Even they were so favorite of the people that people felt very dejected when they got separated then. Shahid and Kareena met on the sets of Fida and instantly fell in love with each other. Soon, the public got to know that they are inseparable. Even Their MMS got released where they were half-naked and seen kissing each other. This MMS added fuel to their popularity. While they were in relation, Kareena got to work with Saif on a movie called Tashan where it is reported that Kareena got too close with the Saif Ali khan. Even Kareena's sister Karishma Kapoor and her mother Babita Kapoor were not in favor of Kareena's relations with Shahid. They put in efforts to get her away from Shahid. When Shahid got the wind of Kareena's growing proximity to Saif. He felt insure and he tried to put his efforts to save his relation. However, what was meant to happen, happened. Finally, they broke up after five years of relationship in 2008. Shahid reportedly went into depression after that. He himself accepted the fact that after breaking up with Kareena, he was shattered, dejected. It took him lots of time to recover from his depression. The people who were responsible for the break-up are said to be Babita, Karishma, and saif. During that time, it was one of the scandalous relationships as to how Shahid and Kareena's relation went from being the most talked-about relation to finally Kareena ditching Shahid to end the long-term relationship.