How Stars Leverage Their Brand Value To Make More Money

Earlier the trend was to be brand ambassadors of big brand names, from Shahruk Khan endorsing Lux, Pepsi, Nokia to Aishwarya being the face of Coke or L’Oreal. Now the trend seem to be a little different where celebrities are not only brand ambassadors, but they have their own labels and brands, they are launching their own product lines. The trend has been very popular in Bollywood and is surely gaining pace.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra recently launched her clothing brand called ‘DreamSS’, in the past we have seen Deepika Padukone’s ‘All About You’ in 2015 which was in collaboration with online fashion, Anushka Sharma launched ‘Nush’ in 2017, Sonam Kapoor and sister Rhea Kapoor started ‘Rheson' in an exclusive collaboration with Shoppers Stop. According to Sonam, the brand is not a celebrity label but a high-street fashion entity by two sisters who just happen to be in the Indian movie business. (yeah right!) Alia Bhatt has also joined this list, she has her own startup venture in the kidswear category called 'Ed-a-mamma'.

Do you think these celebrity-owned brands manages to survive purely because of their own brand recall value and popularity, probably that's the reason these celebs venture into various businesses ? Your thoughts ?