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How was Kriti Sanon not trolled for a statement that was similar to what Sonam Kapoor had said?

Sonam Kapoor is probably one of the star kids who is trolled the most. And this usually circles back to something she had said. Not many appreciate Sonam's words and that's evident enough but she really isn't the only one making ignorant statements all the time.


Kriti Sanon has spoken about how she wasn't offered roles intially because she was considered too pretty. Kriti's usually known in the industry as being nice, and she's also an outsider which makes her success story quite impressive. 


Sonam had one said that "If you are not good looking, they think you are a good actor," which sounds very off obviously. Kriti had , on the other hand, said that "The general perception still is that if you have a pretty face, you are a bad actor."


The context seems pretty much the same but the way it's worded is vastly different. Do you think that's why Sonam received so much hate for it?


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