"Hrithik is Dumb, Kangana is sexually possessed with him", Arnab Goswami reveals in leaked whatsapp chats

The Hrithik-Kangana fiasco that started in 2017 to leave everyone in and outside the film industry aghast, continues to make appalling revelations even today. Remember when Hrithik Roshan finally decided to break his silence by choosing to appear on Arnab Goswami's show and refuted every possible accusation Kangana made against him? Well, Arnab may not have said it on his face, but a leaked whatsapp chat from 2017 has revealed Arnab calling Hrithik 'dumb'.

In what appears to be a chat right before the interview was aired, Arnab with a personal contact of his, seems to be getting too candid about what he made of the situation. While he first exclaimed that Hrithik's interview will break records, he went on to admit that Hrithik is 'dumb' after being pressed by his contact to reveal more.

"I think Hrithik is dumb & Kangana is schizophrenic", he wrote as a response during the chat. But that's not all, what Arnab then revealed about Kangana was even more shocking. The former Times Now Chief Editor said that Hrithik believes Kangana has 'eroto mania', which he explained as Kangana's condition of being 'sexually possessed' with him.

Arnab could also be felt fearing for Kangana getting boycotted as she had 'crossed her limits', according to him. "She has crossed the line, people scared of her", he quoted.

Seen in the present context, the leaked chats do seem to make interesting scenarios since Kangana has been a regular guest at Arnab's Republic channel and has vocally advocated his views, while being lauded by the anchor himself. How will these chats play out now will be interesting to see.