Hrithik Roshan and GF Saba Azad getting married in 2022?

Hrithik Roshan was all over the news earlier this year after he was spotted with actress Saba Azad after a dinner date. Post their first spotting; they were seen exchanging comments on each other's posts on Instagram. Saba has also spent quality time with Hrithik Roshan's family at their home. Now the couple has made it official as they were spotted welcoming out from the airport holding hands. The hot couple were seen at Karan Johar's birthday party as well, all dressed up in black.

TBH, after the entire Hrithik-Kangana fiasco got over, this is the first time that Hrithik has been seen with someone, really serious. With Hrithik's age and the two of them making public appearances, there are slight chances that the couple might get married this year. However, it all depends on the couple, and how they would like to take the relationship further.

Do you like this cute couple or do you have other opinions as well?