Hwarang or Scarlet Heart? - Which one would you choose?

Hwarang and Moon Lovers are both extremely famous in drama land for being the Korean period dramas with the best-looking men!

Hwarang had the jaw-dropping cast of V from BTS, Minho from SHINee, Park Seojun, and Park Hyungshik just to name a few. Hwarang is a story of how young men of Silla bond together under the faction known as ‘Hwarang’. It is truly a beautiful coming of age story about youth, politics, and loyalty. 

Then, we have Moon Lovers; With an absolute stunner cast of superstars like IU, EXO’s Beakhyun, Lee Joongi, Kang Haneul, Nam Joohyuk, Jisoo, and many, many more. The star-studded cast surely adds to the drama, but the story is one to die for (*winks*) The plot revolves around a woman to travel back in time into the body of Hae-soo from the 21st Century. We follow her story as she falls in love and gets caught up in the palace politics of the 8th Century Goryeo Dynasty. 

The question remains, which would you choose?