HYBE needs to do better while naming their groups

Apparently HYBE has trademarked the name 'Aloners Association' and fans are guessing it might be for the Big Hit's upcoming group.

Their upcoming boy group has been already introduced to fans through YouTube channel 'Trainee A.' It consists of seven members Leo, Sangwon, James, Jihoon, JJ, Woochan, and Yorch. The eldest is 2002 born while the youngest is 2006 born.

Many netizens found the name shocking and odd. They think it's not suitable for a K-Pop group, and sounds like a NGO or company name. However, other Big Hit groups like BTS and TXT have long names as well, but they choose to use short acronyms.

Will the new group use acronyms as well? What are your thoughts on the name? Did you like it?