Hydrating gel cream with pink vitamin (B12), chia seed, and organic extracts? They have got it all covered!

Let's be honest about how big of a fan we all are of Korean skincare and the products. And how can we not talk about the goodness of Chia seeds when talking about the Korean skincare regime. I recently tried The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydro Cream and is there a way to describe love more than this? I guess not. This is a gel-based hydrating moisturizer with 100% organic extracts, the goodness of Chia seed, and pink vitamin. It feels super light and non-greasy on the skin which makes it perfect for Indian summers. It helped my skin repair and rejuvenate overnight and I could see a visible change in just 10 days. I felt like my skin is breathing and repairing all over again. My skin never felt this smooth, moisturized, and healthy in a long long time. It also helps in reducing acne, marks, and of course the sunburns. I won’t recommend this to people with oily, dry, or combination skin types because… all my lovely ladies with any skin type would fall in love with this. Did you get one for yourself yet?