Is Hyun Bin trying to be overly Modest?

The 7th 'APAN Star Awards were held to recognize celebrities who made a contribution to Korean Television and Hallyu in 2020. Hyun Bin won Daesang for 'Crash Landing on You', and his acceptance speech was the same old humble acceptance speech given by the winners. But at the end he added "I am so thankful for Jeong Hyeok's best partner Yoon Se Ri, Ye Jin. I believe it was Ye Jin, who portrayed Yoon Se Ri so well and made Ri Jeong Hyeok look so much cooler. I wanted to say thank you. I will do my best to show my better self in the near future to all of you." Unfortunately Son Ye-jin went home empty handed even though her performance was pretty good. It seemed like Hyun Bin was trying to extinguish the moment by being modest and sharing his achievement with his now girlfriend.