I Am Sorry Who is Rangoli Chandel Again!?

She’s not an actor, a star, a cricketer or billionaire of any kind. Yet just like her sister comes up with nasty comments, mocking people, giving her opinions which does not make any sense. Recently a new victim of Rangoli Chandel's fury was television actor Karan Patel. Before Kangana’s account was banned from Twitter, she was trolled for saying that people who are using oxygen cylinders during the Covid-19 second wave were ‘forcefully’ drawing oxygen from the environment. Responding to this tweet by Kangana, actor Karan Patel has said that she is the most hilarious woman. To which Rangoli Chandel said, “And u r the most N***a Person this country has ever produced, who has not done anything for environment… who is just a bojh (burden) on Mother Earth have some gratitude & feel better !! @karan9198,”.

Who is she exactly? Kangana Ranaut’s elder sister/spokesperson/manager? Even if she is in charge of taking care of Kangana's PR or whatever it makes me wonder, though, that a Bollywood star’s spokesperson and manager has became a celebrity in her own right way. I understand as a sister one expects her to support her sister but is that a necessary thing, is there any compulsion to blindly just support your sister even if she is not doing the right thing. And even she wants to show her support is this how it’s done?