I Care A Lot Review-A gripping dark comedy

The Rosamund Pike starrer dark comedy is written and directed by J Blakeson.In I Care a Lot, Rosamund Pike plays the role of a "crooked legal guardian" who steals the money of an elderly she is supposed to care for.

New York Times’ Jeannette Catsoulis wrote, “With its ice-pick dialogue” and “gleefully ironic title” the film “is a slick, savage caper with roots in a real-world scam.”

Associated Press Jake Coyle wrote, “I Care a Lot” has ultimately no way of resolving its fairly ludicrous plot. But it’s strong, gripping, unpredictable pulp, and Pike pulls something off that few else could as a protagonist.”

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw said in his review. “Rosamund Pike is tremendous, giving us her most outrageous Hitchcock-blonde turn since Gone Girl.”

Pike plays Marla Grayson who is a ruthless woman. She along with her assistant-lover Fran (Eiza Gonz├ílez), is exploiting an elderly woman. Marla even goes on to bribe doctors to give fake dementia diagnoses for well-off elderly patients with no family members in the picture. The doctor applies for an emergency court order to have this old person placed under the care of Marla, as a state-appointed guardian. While the aged victim being sedated and grounded in a care home, Marla empties their bank account and sells their assets. One day, Marla comes across what she thinks is juicy, catch: wealthy Mrs. Peterson(Wiest). But what Marla doesn’t realize is that Mrs. Peterson has connections to a Russian mafia(Peter Dinklage).

With great dialogue and gleefully ironic title, “I Care a Lot” portrays a real-world scam. I Care a Lot” is cleverly written and consists of an amazing cast. Marla is a sociopath, and Pike does justice to the character. On the other hand, Wiest is a sly perfectionist. But it’s the introduction of the Russian gangster that gives Marla a worthy foil and the plot a reason to climax. Overall the movie is worth your time.