I envy those a lot who are good at handling both, academics as well as extracurricular activities.

Some of you won't like this drama titled 'Extracurricular' but this was definitely one of them which I binge watched and completed in a day or so. It's a crime based, thriller, dark teenage high school Netflix original series showcasing the life of certain teenagers who have their own reasons for doing certain things rather I would say going for wrong choices. A high school student, excellent in academics but has a shattered family background join hands with crime to support himself so that he can pay for college fees. It was released in April last year so I watched it a stretch but the last episode was a cliff hanger which left me no option but to wait for the second season. It's intro was stuck in my head for days. Also, don't kill me if I say that I found Kim Dong hee, the lead of the drama, kinda similar looking to BTS's Jin hehehe.