I-LAND season 2 announced for Girl-group global audition!

I-Land the popular idol survival show is a collaborative effort between HYPE X MNET to launch global idol groups. Last season, the idol survival show launched 'ENHYPEN' a popular boy group that became a global hit soon after their debut. The boy group went through a very difficult and tough competition and sifted through the original members to launch the perfect all-rounded boy group. The final list was overseen by the CEO and the creator of the global Boy Group BTS, Bang Si-Hyuk PD.

The second season of I-land is just announced. This time the mega giants are looking for a girl group debut. The global audition call for the girl group is announced. The first round of applications will be open from 27th September to 10th October 2021. The applicant must be born females born between 2000 to 2009 and who can take part in the real-time video call audition. They need to choose one from Dance, Rap or Vocal categories.

The chosen girls will train and compete in different levels of the show and the girls who survive the show will debut under HYBE labels subsidiary BELIFT LAB and work alongside ENHYPEN. The audition will take place in 7 regions around the world, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand, The United States and one more Unannounced location.