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“I’m hoping for a vaccine against BTS” racial discrimination on BTS

A German radio station, there was a controversy about the BTS being subjugated to racial discrimination. Matthias Matusskik, the host of the German radio programme 'Bayern3', mocked the stage when BTS performed the British band Coldplay's 'Fix you' on the afternoon of the 25th Matusukik said the MTV'Unplugged was 'blasphemy' when the group performed and sang 'Fix you '.

"BTS is an abbreviation like 'coronavirus,' and I'm hoping for a vaccine against them," he said. "They are entitled to take a 20-year vacation in North Korea. Matusukik also said he is "not a racist and, in particular, does not discriminate against Korea because he has Korean cars."

Armies (BTS fans) around the world are upset at the comments made by Matusukik. Fans are now using the hashtags #RassismusBeiBayern3 and #Bayern3Racist to spread the news about the uproar on social media around the world. They're also using the German expression 'Wir sind gegen Rassismus' to protest the show and its host (we are against racism).


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