I see the world drooling around the “Foxy Eyes”

The internet went all gaga about this recent trend of “Foxy eyes” inspired by a 23-year-old supermodel Bella Hadid who was announced as the most beautiful woman in the world. One of the most attractive features of Bella Hadid is almond-shaped eyes, the form of which she always emphasizes by makeup. This look has a special name in the people - "foxy" or "catty" because of its sharp edges and half-liner look. A lot of famous makeup artists tried their hands on this look while others went all crazy and got medical surgeries done to achieve the look. Playing around with colors, extended eyeliners, halo foxy eyes, and much more experiments made this look a viral insight. I personally loved how creative people got with eye looks and shaping their brows. Let's be honest, you all might have done (or at least thought) of doing this trend too! Bella Hadid is called Queen for a reason after all!