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Iconic Roles Turned Down By Late Mr. Dilip Kumar, Which Went On To Become Mega Hits!

There is no one quite like the dashing and legendary Dilip Kumar, who with his impactful intensity had the ability to inhabit the characters so well on screen. He was definitely a joy to watch and his nearly six-decade career comprises of unforgettable movies and moments that have brought inevitable glory to the Indian cinema. But did you know that the superstar was critical about the movies he did and rejected a couple of them which afterwards turned out to be mega hits:

Lawrence Of Arabia

Dilip Kumar was offered a role in the Great Hollywood movie of the 60s David Lean’s 'Lawrence of Arabia', which then went to Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, who was nominated for the Oscars for the role.


The role of Rajendra Kumar was first offered to Dilip Kumar, who had some problems with the climax and didn't want the character of Gopal to sacrifice his life.


Guru Dutt wanted Dilip Kumar to play the leading role in the movie, which the star declined. Guru Dutt himself played and the movie went on to become one of the most commercially successful movies of the year.


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