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Idols who have a crush on BTS


KARA already labeled BTS as a group that caught their eye, notably Jungkook! One of members confessed that after she saw Jungkook wink at the camera, her heart "fluttered"


I.O.I. Girls didn't hesitate to keep singing "Blood Sweat & Tears" throughout the middle of the interview and a memeber Doyeon said she'd want to be in BTS if she was a man.

3.LABOUM’s Yulhee

During a appearance , Yulhee of LABOUM revealed that her ideal type was a guy with monolids, and as she was asked if there had been any idols with monolids she adored, she did admit that Suga was one of them!

4.SECRET’s Jieun

Jieun decided to share that BTS has now got her attention because of their talent. When questioned whether any particular individual was her personal fave, she said she cannot make the decision!


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