If Anything Happens I Love You - Review

'If Anything Happens I Love You' is a 12-minute animated short-film depicting the journey of two grieving parents living through the aftermath of a tragedy. The parents seem to be in a whirlpool of emotional and mental questioning. They seem to be feeling a deep void and emptiness in themselves, their relationship and their expression of being. This follows the tragic death of their 10-year-old daughter on one ordinary day at school due to a school shooting. During the on-goings of the shooting, the girl, probably terrified and in reality with her future, texts her parents, ‘If anything happens I love you’.

This film is terrifying and extremely sad. It depicts a constantly nitpicking battle that a person is fighting with their reality - some form of constant regret, longing to go back in time to change what happened, calculating all possible parallel universes - ultimately to be rendered tired and trapped. It shows how difficult it is to trust anyone during these times of loss - even someone you’ve married and trusted all your life.

The film is visually striking and appealing, especially in all of its details. It was pressing on the gun culture in America from the illustration of the American flag in the school during the shooting - as if unmasking the problematic realities of America - which was the only prominently coloured illustration in the entire film.

Ultimately, although it may be an extremely challenging thing to watch, ‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ is a must-watch.