If not Ranbir Kapoor, who is going to play romantic leads in Bollywood now?

Ranbir Kapoor is a well-known actor in Bollywood. His most prominent roles have been in rom-com films. Now, as Ranbir is getting into serious acting, there are many young emerging actors in Bollywood who will take over the romantic leads. I think Mihir Ahuja, an upcoming actor from the movie The Archies can be the next romantic hero in B-Town or otherwise how about Rohit Saraf or Ahan Shetty. Mihir's work is not yet out so maybe it's a bit too soon to talk about him but I think there can be serious competition between Ahan Shetty and Rohit Saraf. Comparatively, Rohit has worked in more films than Ahan but when it comes to talent, it's quite evident both of them have it. I would like to see either one of them in a romantic lead in Bollywood soon. Whom do you think should take over?