Here’s Why Bollywood Should Never Even Try to be like Hollywood !

"If we keep trying to be like others, we’ll lose the very thing that makes us, ‘us’"

I honestly feel we should stop chasing Hollywood or trying to be like ‘them’, because that’s what stops us from being ‘us’. The thing that makes Bollywood or any other entertainment industry from any country is what makes them different and unique. The audiences will also lose interest as well. - The western audiences are going to lose interest because we’ll be like any other industry out there, so why watch Bollywood when you can see the same thing in Hollywood or western content? South Asian viewers we’ll find the slow change of Bollywood ‘killing its own identity’ confusing and different. And Asian audiences will think the same. Indian audiences may like some things, but many may also find this change weird and uncalled for too.

This is not to say that Bollywood shouldn’t experiment or that every film has to have a song and dance sequence or even that some films can’t change up there style a bit. But it’s to say that this constant need to try to prove something by being like Hollywood doesn’t make much sense. Whose to say which content is better or worse? What I may like, you may absolutely hate. Isn’t that the point of cinema to begin with? To showcase stories, which are bound to get different views from different people honestly.

Just my take on it, but what do you guys think? Do let me know!