If you love Rachel aka Jennifer Aniston from Friends; here are her 3 must-watch movies

Jennifer Aniston is mostly known as Rachel Green from one of the most famous American sitcoms 'FRIENDS', but after featuring in the sitcom, the actress starred in many movies and shows and established her brand itself. She is a great actress with beauty and brains. Here are my 3 favourite movies of hers that you must watch.

The Murder Mystery:

A 2019 film, 'The Murder Mystery' features Jennifer Aniston as Audrey Splitz and Adam Sandler as Nick Spliz, a couple who goes on a Europe trip to reignite their marriage. But little did they know that they will get trapped in a murder mystery. A comedy-mystery film that is streaming on Netflix, is a must-watch.

He's Just Not That Into You:

He's just not that into you is a movie of four lives but all of them are connected somehow where the characters face love lives and heartbreaks and live through it graciously. The film features Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper along with others, streaming on Netflix.

The Break-up:

It's a story that shows a beautiful angle of a relationship where the girlfriend played by Jennifer feels unappreciated and neglected by the boyfriend (Vince Vaughan) and even though they break up, they cannot move out from the place because of the luxuriousness which causes further quarrels. Streaming on Netflix.

What do you think of this movie list? What are your favourites?