Imagine if Bigg Boss contestants were Bollywood celebrities, how would the season turn out to be?

Varun Dhawan- The charming boy who walks shirtless, doesn't have much to say except he is funny, often gets furious and mad, and gets eliminated in 3rd week!


Neha Dhupia- The pretentious feminist? Well, that's for the audience to decide. She would love to talk about her Ms. India days and would brag about her time as a judge in roadies.


Anurag Kashyap- Slags is his language. That's how he would talk. Bigg Boss would have to mute him almost every time he speaks. Swara Bhaskar- Smart, Intelligent, anti-Kangana in the show. She would be best friends with Tapsee for her resentment towards Kangana.


Ayushman Khurana- Ex Roadies winner, the audience would probably be rooting for him to win. He is so capable of shutting Kangana down with his wise and sensible words.


Sonam Kapoor- Wanna be dominating contestant who would eventually get sidelined in the show just as she is sidelined in Bollywood these days. A big show-off, motormouth, would talk about her trips to Paris, her schooling from Singapore, and how she spends her Papa’s money.


Tapsee Pannu- She is somebody who would be considered to be in the Top 3 from the beginning of the season. She will be the biggest cheerleader of Ayushman and the biggest enemy of Kangana.


Kangana- A show like Bigg Boss needs a contestant like Kangana to increase its TRP. Kangana is fierce, theeki Mirchi often gets physical in tasks, and speaks to hurt people. She is going to be one of the most hated and loved contestants. Everything she utters will become controversial.


Ranveer- A clown, manipulative, smart, clever, energetic.


Note: Imagine Hritik Roshan as a wildcard for Kangana lol