India's censorship of "vulgar films." Is it really required?

India has a Central Board of Film Certification that oversees every film released for public viewing; no film can be viewed without their approval, and yet they continue to ban films according to their religious and political views. Aren't such committees suppose to be unbiased?

Let us go back 20 years to when they banned the film "Kama sutra : a tale of love," which is still banned today, on the grounds that it is "Vulgar." The film, set in the 16th century, explores themes of love and sexuality while also highlighting the country's cultural heritage. According to the film's director's statement to the Washington City Paper in 1977, “They wanted me to remove all sensuality from a film that deals with sensuality.” when clearly the movie was not just about "sex" but women empowerment, a movie way ahead of its time.

Another instance of censorship would is "Spectre", a Bond film, by half its original length by the Board due to its kissing scenes, a member of the Board said and I quote “This means you want to do sex in your house with your door open. And show to people the way you are doing sex.” (IndieWire) I could go on and on about every film that has been banned or censored in India due to "vulgarity," or films that have been banned due to their political portrayal .

And it's almost ironic that India will ban or censor films dealing with current real-time issues while openly allowing the release of a film with a "Items song" that objectifies and degrades women.

Why can't there be artistic freedom in India? What are your thoughts on this?