Infinite Review :This action packed Walhberg starrer is all the adrenaline you need right now. but...

 Antoine Fuqua's new directorial Infinite starring Mark Wahlberg is a surface-level sci-fiction, with stunning visuals, action-packed stunts, and pacy screenplay but doesn't leave you satisfied. In short, Infinite is a visual treat but a conceptual mess. 7/10


Conceptual Mess :


The movie is based on a novel released in 2009. On paper, the premise sounds like a killer idea: Reincarnated warriors locked in a centuries-old war work to save humanity. On one side lies the good guys, the infinites. On the other, the nihilists. The story could have developed well into a franchise, but unfortunately due to lack of character development ruins the experience and will ultimately become a forgettable action fest.


Action Fest :


This Antoine Fuqua directorial is an action-packed flick with lots of visual delight action. The VFX is great in some and average in some and is likely to become a guilty pleasure for action/SciFi lovers. If the movie had a good grip on its characters the movie would have been great.


Watch it or Skip It?


Mark Wahlberg fans may be disappointed with this one, Infinite fails to give you the high we normally get from an enticing sci-fi thriller but is still a very entertaining action-packed flick you can give a try. A one Time watch.