Innisfree Apple seed cleansing oil review

SAMPLE REVIEW 1 Best time to try samples I took them to my trip. It resulted in less luggage and hopefully my full stash of samples was used up. I'm so happy to empty as many samples as possible. So today I wrote about the @innisfreeindia apple seed cleansing oil sachets. Now I dont remember how I got them. I had 5 sachets in total . It's a 1 ML of product specially for a single use . Its formulated with apple seed and apple skin which means it has good quantity of vitamin C too.Everyday at night I used to double cleanse with this oil first than a water based cleanser. It gently removed making my skin soft and plump and it was not very overpowering. Everything mentioned on this sachets were in their language which I could not understand . The only thing that I could make out is its name , quantity and expiry date and yes they were to expire in 2021 but I did so fast. This oil is very light , it did not irritate my eyes as well and broke down all my makeup specially stubborn kohl in like quicky minutes. Massaging this oil was a loving experience as it had mild apple juice fragrance to it which is not dominating at all. All in all a good product to remove that makeup which was put on for a whole day in sun. Share your favourite cleansing oils... Mine is love for k-beauty P.S. I tried a new feature on my phone but the pic was taken by camera before the use of sachets.