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The Intern and The Night Manager, is Bollywood eyeing foreign scripts now?

Bollywood has let originality take the backseat for a while now. A lot of the content that the massive industry produces has consisted of remakes. These are usually taken from South Indian movies, and the trend seems to be shifting now.

Deepika Padukone announced the Hindi remake of the Hollywood hit - The Intern. The poster was unveiled and it is a widely anticipated movie. More recently, reports suggest that Hrithik walked out of Vikram Vedha's remake in favour of another remake. The Night Manager is originally a British TV series that is being adapted. Hrithik had exited the project a while back but might be considering it again. With original movies tossed out the window, is Bollywood aiming to bank in on the popularity of foreign shows and movies?

Is this a shift that we're seeing now, and how open are you to it?


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