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Irul Review: A decent thriller to catch!

Faahadh Faasil’s Netflix Original Thriller, Irul, had released a few days ago and the film has received a mixed response. While not a lot about the movie is unique or different, one can, as always, take a bow at the acting performances of the leads, especially that of Faahadh Faasil. He brings his A-game whenever he acts, and these days, he has really been hitting the nail on the head. One might say that the actor is in one of his prime years.

Besides the acting, the sound and cinematography of the film, such as those of many other Malayalam movies these days, seem commendable and add greatly to the thrill of the movie. The plot of the movie seems fairly followable, until we reach the climax, which is quite abrupt and upsetting. However, I would go ahead and say this one is a must-watch for the thriller lovers and a decent catch for the others. However, it is a film that can be missed.


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