Isn’t Kalki's character in ZNMD the quintessential stereotype of women in Bollywood ?

Women in Bollywood have been stereotyped and typecasts since forever. But a movie like ZNMD with a female director like Zoya Akhtar who is known for breaking barriers and everything that she stands for like women empowerment so I would have least expected that be the case with her own movie. But clearly, from the beginning, Kalki's character is shown as a ditsy who doesn’t trust her fiancé, wants to leave her job just because she’s getting married to him and to top it all up when she wants to drive she’s questioned by Hrithik’s character if she even knows how to drive and even after that Farhan’s character tells her that the speed she’s driving is so slow and she’s shown as a person who doesn’t drive well which is showcasing the famous stereotype only men can drive well and women cant which is so cringy.