Isn't 24 members a lot? What's the ideal number?

LOONA's former creative director Jaden Jeong is set to launch a 24 member girl group through his company, MODHAUS. With line distribution and screen time already being a big issue, is debuting 24 members in one group really the right choice?

Calling them the J-popification of K-pop, TripleS have been receiving a mixed bag of responses. While some are curious to see how the group works, others are blaming SM Entertainment's founder, Lee Sooman, for this concept.

While there are groups like NCT and Seventeen in industry, netizens have expressed concern over TripleS' line-up. From unfair distribution to relationships between members, netizens have listed out why having more than 5 to 9 members is not ideal.

Additionally, fans have pointed out the issues of solo stans, especially with TripleS' concept. According to media outlets, the members will debut through a rotating system and fans will be the ones to decide who will debut as a group, unit or solo.

However, some still have shown their excitement for the upcoming girl group. Giving them nicknames like female NCT or mini AKB48, the supporters are eager to see what the group and their concept would be like.

Is debuting a group with 24 members really going to be a smart move? Do you think the group will succeed like NCT or will it end up like LeaderS? Should there be a set standard for the number of group members? What do you think is the ideal number of members?